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Spank that ass bright red, lick that pussy good, cum in that mouth hard!

Stand higher on your toes . Put that ass out there . Thoroughly redden that ass with a good spanking before licking sucking tonguing you end to end. A little torture with a vib on your already sensitive clit . Not entering you until your begging for it . Then switch between both holes.

Walk up to you, grab a fistful of your hair and shove your face down to the mattress, hungrily grab a handful of ass and jiggle it, give it a firm smack, the sound of skin-on-skin ringing out as your ass stings, f*rcefully pull that gstring to the side, rub your lips around in big circles then push two fingers in you, curl them to hit your gspot, fingerfuck you, long slow strokes building to a hard, f*rceful fingerfucking as I look you in the eyes and tell you to soak my hand, tell you to cum for me, prove to me this pussy deserves to be eaten and stretched out with cock. Ill just walk up and grab ure hair while my pants fall to the floor. Then make u suck my cock deep down ure throat before Ill fuck u from behind, hard and deep. Ill make u cum on my cock before Ill cum all over ure pretty face. Then push u down on the bed on ure back. See u lay there with my cum all over ure face and mouth as I eat ure pussy and as to make u cum again. Damn I'd smack that ass then grab those thongs with my teeth an pull them to the side so I could bury my tongue in your pussy an ass. When your legs start to get weak I'll stand up an tease your pussy with just the head of my cock. When you can't take it anymore an start to push back to take my cock I'll grab your hair an same my cock balls deep to hear your sweet moans. I drop to my knees, pull that g string aside and tongue fuck your asshole deep, once all lubed up, i stand up, one hand on your shoulder, one hand grabs your hair and i slide my cock in your ass and pound it hard and deep till you cum. I flip you over onto the bed, straddle your head and unload sll over your beautiful face.Then we get ready for some more fucking. I love to kiss and play with each and every part of your so sexy body, kiss nipples and suck them while look into your eyes, then go down kiss even your hands and fingers, tummy, thighs, legs even feet, then up again to lick thighs and eat pussy then lick down to your ass hole, will u let me lick your ass hole? Will u open ass cheeks to help me?