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Illl be doing alot more then spanking you but there will be alot of that done too.

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What a great ass, would love to give it a good spanking ;)

I'm sorry but that is just impossible! You put it out there and I'm gonna look, now if I was there, there would be a little something else going on! VERY VERY Tidy piece of Ass, Yummo!LOVE to ... read more

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Head on the pillow, turned back to eye me slyly, she holds her lovely little ass up high. It wiggles ever so slightly, betraying how eagerly she anticipates the 'punishment' she's worked so very ... read more

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I'd like to spank your sexy arse then spend hours kissing and licking it better xxx.

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The spanking comes later. There is much to do before that first slap on your sweet round bottom.

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You'll be over my knee when I administer your spanking little lady. And end up a lot redder.

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