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I would if I could but don't know if I can, great ass.

That ass is so sexy! What should I do first with this sexy woman's body? Lick it? Spank it? Fuck it? How about I just do all three and whatever else comes to mind she finds enjoyable? O M G:) ... read more

Oh wow I just wanna spank those cheeks and cum deep inside em!

Damn girl! That's one beautiful big ass. How I'd love to get my hands on that. Mr. Lew. Beautiful ass! Would love to lick you, kiss you, eat you for hours! If you are told you have a fat ass, ... read more

Can I spank your clit with my cock before I slide in.

We both would love to lick it and both of us climb on strap on first or the real thing ? Don't let me close I will not stop licking you til you push me off of you. I wanna lick it, then climb in ... read more

It is ok . You shouldn't have any clothes on any way while indoors.

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Since your panties are nl where to be found, and you're in such a spot to be looking for some assistance. I'd rub your ass, softly, gently caressing the backs of your thighs with my soft ... read more

I would gently lick your pussy and until your sweet juices were flowing and I made you cum.

I will run my hands up and down your inner thighs, just barely brushing against your pussy lips repeatedly, spank your ass cheeks til their rosie red, then use my hard cock to spank your wet ... read more

Well i only speak the truth babe i would love to give it to you lo g and hard and deep. Send me a message and i will tell you more.

I wanna turn these sweet round cheeks all red. I wanna caress them and stop to give them a little slap from time to time. I'll make the slaps come more and more frequently, and I'll hit a little ... read more

I hope you got what you were asking fori would have given it to you for sure!

I'd make you spread your cheeks, use both your hands, reach around behind you, with your back arched and ass up! I'd spank your ass cheeks with my left hand but use my hard cock to spank your ... read more

Very kind of you, "SD" . VERY KIND! (Thanks for "Making" my Day!) Sue XO.

Mmmm, just like that, now grab ahold of that air conditioner and hold on real tight. I would love to bend you over and fuck you from behind! I think I've already seen this wonderful ass. I ... read more

I wanna spank your ass with my balls as i'm pounding you from behind.

I would love to spank you. I’ll have you spread your ass open a little bit so I can get in there give you some nice wet spanks! Hell yer I'm fetching my tools we may be here a while.This may ... read more

I think you need to stay after school for some detention.

Put you over my knee and spank you for wearing such cut down uniform, and lift that little skirt and finger your wet cunt before I fuck you deep and hard from behind. You naughty little slut. I ... read more

Spank it, lick it, fuck it, all would be a pleasure!

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That s a great pic wish i had it and edit it my way, u look gorgeous hun.

Nice Legs, Now lay down and spread them Open so I can slide my head between them and you can rest them on my shoulders. Cum here and get over my knee let me spank that ass with the slip of the ... read more

I'd spank, kiss and caress your lovely bum 👋😘😍

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