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Love to leave a hand print on your ass.Maybe something else as well.

Mmmm. I love your gorgeous hot legs and your even hotter red butt! I love to add my spanking to give your entire butt a nice red glow. Want to spank your ass SO badly! Smack it and slap it until ... read more

Probably need a spanking first then a filling doggy style.

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I Fucking LOVE doggie and YOU have a great ass. Fuck I'd eat that.

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Mmmmm I would love to spank your ass. . With my cock ; )

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I would love to give you a spanking then I will kiss it all better.

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Your gorgeous and what a turn-on to watch you pleasure yourself.

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Like is most certainly an understatement! Xxx Mr F.

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Would you love them enough if I were to make you wear them as I walk you through a public mall?

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Mind if I rub my dick against your panties as I slap that sweet ass?

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As you wish! :) Which of us would you like to start with?

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