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Spank that ass bright red, lick that pussy good, cum in that mouth hard!

.While I'm buried balls deep and right before I reach around to pinch, pull and twist those nipples until they're throbbing with need to be sucked.

I'd slap it. My fingers would leave their imprint in crimson on your pink skin. Then I'd feel guilty and kiss your ass cheeks, gently but firmly. I'd swirl my tongue in circles until I reached the swollen, malleable outer labia before making long sweeping licks from the base of your coccix, your ass crack, over your erect clit, then dividing your pussy (darting in for a taste of your creamy love juices) and then finishing off at the start of your belly. I'd repeat this before the next stage of erogenous excitation. Mmmm. A fine posterier you possess. Mwah X. Would love to slap your gorgeous ass with my hard throbbing cock till I exploded all over it . Then I get tohelp clean you up . A nice tongue lashing as you offer your pussy up as you get on your hands and knees mmmm. Mmm so hot. I want to crawl up between your leg as you straddle my face a let me lick you till you cum the I get up behind you and rub the head of of my cock up and down teasing both holes as you beg me to slide deep. I'd love to turn that sexy ass bright red with a good spanking. I'd keep going until you reach back, spread your ass and beg me to bury my cock deep into your tight asshole. Gladly! I'd enjoy hearing the sharp crack as the flat of my hand meets those soft cheeks. Knowing it would sting and tingle a little for a moment afterwards.