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Spank that ass bright red, lick that pussy good, cum in that mouth hard!

For me to slide them panties to the side and let the show begin!

9MG what a delicious ass i know i would LOVE to devour that asd and make you scream for more and lord what would happen when i got done spanking that amazing ass you would be ready to jump my ... read more

Would love to gently tug on the purple suckers to tease you good and well. Xxx.

Would love to tie your hands behind your back and play with those little suckers. Teasing you while I spank you for every time you break line of sight. I wanna see the pleasure in your eyes. ... read more

Put your legs up onto my shoulders so I can fuck your hot wet pussy hard and fast before pulling out and shooting my thick creamy spunk all over your pussy lips and clit. I'll then use my cock to massage my cum into your fucked pussy.

I want to take you into the livingroom and open the curtains on the front window. So the whole neighborhood can watch as you get on your knees and take all of my cock in your mouth and I grab ... read more

Sit and watch you before fucking you good after a spanking for being bad ;)

Well, fuck you - eventually. What I'd do first would be to caress your nipples with the palms of my hands for just a few seconds, then suck on them, each in turn, for considerably longer. Grab ... read more

Just cant help but stare at a thick pair of thighs and a big, fat ass jiggling with every *deep* thrust of this huge cock.

I was rock hard for this pic.Grabbed my cock.Then slid your thong to side.Then lubbed up and rode your sweet brown eye till I ejected a huge Moneyshot all over that hot derrier.Mmmgh was nice ;) ... read more

My magical tongue would work wonders on your Exquisite little holes beautiful. Mmmmm😋😍😘👅😈

Kiss it, bite it, lick it, smack it, push it, pull it, grip it, hold it, rub it, spread it, fuck it.
 Massage it all over with my warm stiff cock, left, right, up and down both inner thighs, ... read more

Absolutely no complaints but do rather like your pussy too!

Naughty lady with your panties down in the kitchen,you need a good spanking,make that beautiful butt red xxx. Yes i would, I would also say that your butt looks so good, I would dick you down ... read more

Hope i can join you sometime soon and help out as required,what are friends for after all ? Lol xx.

You definitely deserve a spanking. I'd make you get on your hands and knees, pull your panties to one side, baring your ass cheeks. I'd make you spread your cheeks, use both your hands, reach ... read more

Delicious and so ready for a nice pounding. Love it.

I can only imagine what it must be like to grab those sexy hips and make my cock disappear in your tight, delicious asshole. I would love to pound you hard, then getting into a rhythm, I'd leave ... read more

Pulling on that chain as you're swallowing my hard swollen cock would be a start.

First I would add some weights on the chain, than have you lean forward while I fuck you from behind with the weights swinging. Nipple clamps are one way. Spanking your ass and shoving toys in ... read more

Only if I get to pull your hair at the same time with my cock deep inside you.

ONE single sharp stinging slap to each deliciously round inviting arse cheek hard enough to leave a hand imprint to show that you belong to me and me alone.Then I would softly kiss the raised ... read more

If she's going to lay there spreading herself like that and complain I think that amazing ass needs a spanking 😍

I'm so sorry. Mrs C. Clearly has a twat that women half her age would kill for, so it should not be difficult to say something clever about it. However, all I can do is stare and imagine how hot ... read more

You bring your bad girl and I'll bring my best bad boy.

And I am ready to be the bad boy and throw you on the bed and work my way up those long lovely legs. Well you definitely know how to play the bad girl part very well. Mmm, start by dropping down ... read more

Beautiful, a little spanking 1st, then will cummmm in from behind. Xxxxxx,s.

Come behind you.FUCK FUCK FUCK,i would cum behind you.In front of you ,underneath you.Beside you on top of you.I want to JUST make YOU CUM> Comme tu peux le voir, avec c'est tout le temps par ... read more

BEAUTIFUL-love to destroy your hot PUSSY n Ass with my TONGUE COCK n CUM *_*

I want to grab you and pull you against my hard cock as I gently caress your nipples between my fingers. I want to take them off with my teeth and rim that sweet ass while spanking those cheeks ... read more