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I would dribble warm oil down your back and watch as it runs to your incredible ass. I would rub the warm oil in with my cock until I got to your ass, then I would Just Have to fuck that ... read more

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Yes, i'd like them even better if they were in my mouth. ;)

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I'd fill both holes with my throbbing cock and flood them both with my hot cum xxxx.

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. And having been caught I wonder if you'd try to escape or not?

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What a view!.Mmmmm.I want your nice pussy and ass!.

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It sure is a cool shirt! If only more girls dressed the way you do ;)

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Wow! That sone beautiful "Full Moon" you have there!

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Hello dear okay? I am Brazilian forgive my mistake in English because I can not speak English I'm using a translator . I loved your photos, you're beautiful and interesting . Love to contact you ... read more

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I'd like to slide in and out of you all night but I fear with you looking like that it would be over all too soon, still it would be fun getting ready again!

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Id love to lick it right in the sweet center. Bet your little hole tastes good.

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Nice the way that cat suit frames those nice big nipples.

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WOW! What a great request! Looks great from where I'm sitting. Thanks for posting these great photos.

I think out of all your pictures Samantha, this is my favorite. I know you are still clothed but it just makes you look so alluring, you feel an anticipation of what is about to come lol me if i ... read more

A really lovely arse mmm would look simply wonderful with nice red handprints on there methinks. Come lie over my lap hehehe.

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